USTA League Scorecard Correction Form

Scorecard Correction Form

Once USTA League match scores have been submitted, only the League Coordinator can make corrections. Only Team Captains may submit corrections and must use this Scorecard Correction form when there’s an error with entry of scores or player names.

Captains have until 2 weeks from the time match scores have been entered to request a correction to a scorecard. After that time, in accordance with USTA League Regulations, no changes can be made. Captains/players are strongly advised to confirm scores and player names with one another at the conclusion of the match to avoid confusion with incorrect entry and to confirm online entry

If you have not contacted the captain of the opposing team you will need to do so before you continue to fill out this form. If you have contacted the opposing captain, but they are not in agreement, please do not submit this form and contact the League Coordinator instead.

USTA League Scorecard Correction Form

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