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USTA Safe Play
To ensure a safe environment, the USTA has developed the Safe Play program. This is a requirement for coordinating/coaching/managing USTA Junior Team Tennis. Visit USTA Safe Play to complete the approval process, check provider status, obtain resources and learn more about the program. Please allocate an hour to complete the process, which includes an informative and educational video along with a questionnaire. Although it is typically quicker, the approval process may take as long as 14 days. 
USTA PlayTracker Resources
USTA Junior Team Tennis counts towards the USTA PlayTracker. Players age 10 and under will receive PlayTracker points for every USTA Junior Team Tennis event they participate in.
Net Generation PlayTracker FAQ and Junior Team Tennis & PlayTracker FAQ
Net Generation PlayTracker Overview Chart
Net Generation PlayTracker Play Opportunities, Progression and Points Chart
Net Generation PlayTracker and JTT Participation Chart
Information pertaining to team composition, match format, scoring format, ball type, racquet length and court dimension, by age and play level.