Tennis on Tap Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tennis on Tap?
A social tennis group which consists of warm up for the first 30 minutes as people come in after work then split out to play fun tennis games. The fun continues after tennis as we to another location to grab a drink! (This is not an official league or ladder program where you play competitive matches against different players/teams.)

Do you provide instruction?
No, this is not a clinic or large group lesson.

What is the average level of each player?
We are open to all levels but expect everyone to bring their own racquet and can play/rally with others.

How long is Tennis on Tap?
Each session is 7 weeks and we offer 4 sessions throughout the year – 2 in the spring going into early summer, and 2 in late summer through fall.

How do I register?
You can register for each session through the registration link on the Charlotte Tennis Association website.

Can I register for one week at a time?
No, the relatively low cost fee is for the entire 7-week session.

Can I register in the middle of a session?
No, registration will close on the first day of each session. This beneficial in planning based on number of participants as well as maintaining communication and coordination amongst all registered participants.

If it rains, will there be any make-up time?
Yes, since we are utilizing outdoor courts, we allot 2 weeks between each session as rain make-up dates.

Are there any discounts or refunds available if the session is cut short due to rain?
No, we cannot control the weather and do our best by allowing time at the end of each session for making up any rained out dates.

If I don’t show up after the first week and change my mind, can I get a refund?
No, we do not provide refunds once the session begins.