Charlotte Pro League Benefits the Charlotte Community

As a program of the Charlotte Tennis Association, the Pro League focuses on providing free access to the best tennis in town at host facilities in the Charlotte area during the summer months. Players at NTRP levels of 5.0 and above are drafted to men’s and women’s teams to compete in weekly team matches, held on Thursday evenings at tennis facilities across the Charlotte area.

As the Pro League evolved and matured over nineteen years of play, the administrators and players realized that the Pro League has the ability to benefit the community in a variety of ways:

  • Casual and hard-core tennis spectators of all ages who are invited to come watch the players each week, in a no-cost, relaxed, social environment. Typically, host facilities provide free refreshments for spectators, plus food service is available at many facilities for purchase during the matches.
  • Host facilities that help promote attendance at matches held at their venues. Players and spectators alike enjoy traveling to host facilities to sample their hospitality during Pro League matches.
  • Sponsors receive recognition for their participation. Sponsors are encouraged to interact with the players, spectators and other sponsors to promote their businesses.
  • The designated charities have received cash donations for the past several years to support their local programs; and Pro League players have actively engaged with program participants.
  • Residual funds are retained by the Charlotte Tennis Association’s for use in promoting tennis programs in our area. The Charlotte Tennis Association is a 501(c)3 organization, and has an association with the United States Tennis Association.

Here is an overview of the budget for the Pro League
  • Revenue for the Pro League is generated through player entry fees and sponsorship fees.
  • Expenses include prize money; team shirts for players and sponsors; marketing materials such as banners, posters and match programs; fees related to committee meetings, and the Draft; and Administrative Coordinator fees. Historically, expenses are between 85% and 90% or revenue.
  • Charity Donation to the Charlotte Special Olympics tennis program is about 5% of revenue. Any remaining funds go to the Charlotte Tennis Association to support a full spectrum of community tennis initiatives and outreach programming.

Following are the sponsorship levels for the Pro League:

  • PRESENTING Sponsor $3,000 and above
  • LEAGUE Sponsors (Men’s Division) $1,750 and above
  • LEAGUE Sponsors (Women’s Division) $875 and above
  • TEAM Sponsors (Men’s Division) $700 and above
  • TEAM Sponsors (Women’s Division) $350 and above
  • SUPPORTING Sponsors $250 and above

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