Net Generation

What is Net Generation?


Click the following link to view a flyer highlighting all of the details and benefits of adding Net Generation to a school. Net Generation in Schools

One of the benefits is receiving a FREE equipment kit. The equipment kit includes:

  • Digital and hard copy curriculum developed by the USTA in collaboration with SHAPE America. The curriculum is grade and age specific. The High School curriculum is set to debut this Spring. Here is a sample of what the curricula looks like: Net Generation Schools Sample Lesson Plans
  • 30 Net Generation 21’ racquets
  • Low compression red felt tennis balls (in addition, USTA-NC will provide foam balls)
  • Rolls of tape used for nets
  • Chalk
  • Large roller bag to fit all equipment in

How to Register:

Click the following link to view step by step instructions on how to register for Net Generation and add your PE program: How to Register and add your PE program

Registration includes filling out basic personal information, adding information about your PE program and completing a USTA Safe Play Program background screening.  This free screening  ensures that every provider in Net Generation is Safe Play approved. There are video tutorials embedded in the document attached that walk you through the registration process if needed. Here is some additional information about the Safe Play Program: Safe Play Overview for Teachers

Connect with a School Partner:
Each school and PE program will be linked with a School Partner. The focus is to create partnerships between schools, local School Partners and the USTA so that children can learn, play and enjoy the game of tennis. Here is a sample of what the school partner document looks like: School Partner Sheet

With Net Generation, the USTA is committed to helping teachers introduce tennis in PE classes and after school programs to their students. The easy-to-follow curricula helps teachers shape the game for individuals so they can advance at their own pace and makes it fun for all!