2023 Highlights

Year in Review

  Collaborated to provide organized play opportunities at 53 private and public tennis facilities

  Organized play for 13,889 USTA League participants on 996 teams / 4.3% increase

  Hosted 900 players on 89 teams for the 40 and Over USTA Adult League State Championships

  Organized play for 572 Tennis On Tap Participants / 14.4% increase

  Record number of entries resulted in 162 Pro League participants on 14 teams

  Organized play for 1,412 Junior Team Tennis participants on 174 teams / 13% increase

  Hosted 5 USTA Junior Tournaments with 607 participants / 21.1% increase

  $4,500 donated to local Adaptive Tennis programs

  Designed a new organization logo and developed a new website

  Added 4 new Board members, with 3 new Executive Committee members for the current term

  Designated by USTA North Carolina as Platinum Level Community Tennis Association

  Tennis On Tap awarded USTA North Carolina Outstanding Team Tennis Program of the Year

  Adult Program Manager, Robyn Haug, awarded USTA North Carolina and USTA Southern
       USTA League Tennis Local Coordinator of the Year

  Executive Director, Carla O’Connor, awarded USTA North Carolina and        
       USTA Southern USTA Junior Team Tennis Coordinator of the Year